RUDRI is a upcoming women’s retail destination that would act as platform for upcoming,established & smaller brands to create offline presence by means of collaboration purely on Revenue sharing basis that at no point involves any type of Fixed Cost payments.

The Platform would be in means of stores spread across cities providing consumers access to such newer,coolers & quality approved brands besides regular brands creating new vertical that would bring many unorganized sector to organized sector.

RUDRI itself would create a ecosystem that bring Makers-Sellers-Buyers under roof boosted with technology & new age modern retail approach.

Experience That Made us think RUDRI !

The research to built RUDRI started from our visits to malls where we found more than 75% of brands existing into malls with only geographical differences.The choice for was vast but limited to certain brands.This led to us thinking that there was need for retailer that can house newer brands & grows with this brands to build a new retail vertical enterprise.

Clothing in India is still not settled for Online e-commerce mainly due to quality assurances,no standard uniform sizing & price point + touch & feel requirements. We felt this limited many new designers & brands to lower customer exposure & limited their expansion.

So this researched helped us bring base to our platform that a Retail that encourages newer brands & designers along with minimum cost exposure compared to own store.


Mayur Bhanushali


An Second generation retailer with an established capabilities & experience of over 10+ years in retail sector

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